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I’m an attorney. I’m also a rider. And I’m unblinking, when it comes to fighting for my fellow riders who’re injured because of the carelessness of others. 




A motorcycle accident doesn’t give you advanced notice. It just happens. And when it does, life gets chaotic and complicated, and seemingly out of one’s control.

 I’ve personally experienced the pain, the trauma, the stress of lost wages and mounting bills, and, yes, the endless runaround of red tape. And the fact that I’ve been through it all means I also know the best road back.

My law practice is dedicated to putting my hard-earned insight to work for injured riders like you. It’s a journey we’ll take together, one that leads to restored peace of mind and the compensation you deserve.



I’ve been a trial lawyer for over 30 years and during that time have handled more than 9,500 cases. My practice is focused on motorcycle injuries because I know firsthand what’s at stake, that fine line between the joy of riding and the potential devastation someone else’s carelessness can unleash.

And because I adamantly believe that anyone wronged due to the negligence of another deserves the most skilled and rigorous legal guidance possible, my practice also extends into personal injury cases and matters of bad-faith insurance.



I’m lucky. Lucky to practicing law. Lucky to be alive. Back in June of 2020, I was critically injured while riding my motorcycle when an inattentive motorist turned in front of me. The resulting collision launched me many yards up the road and deep into a world of life-threatening injuries.

Nonetheless, I count myself lucky to have had the help of experts. First-responders, ER staff, surgeons, nurses, therapists. They got me through when I couldn’t do it myself. They helped me pick up the pieces and put my life back together.

Meanwhile, the insurance companies were busy providing the precise opposite of compassionate help. They were an unending source of stress and frustration. But, here again, I was lucky. This time, to have experienced, first-hand, the disrespect insurance companies so often show to those who are injured and endeavoring to heal.

These events – the postive and the negative –  forged my commitment to being a source of sanity, security, and unblinking support for people going through life’s toughest times. I’m an expert in my field and I’m here to help you get everything you need to recover.


I will listen to you and provide honest and ethical legal advice based upon the facts. And I will represent you with integrity, respect, and professionalism. My unique experience, skills, and unwavering determination mean your case will be resolved for the highest possible settlement or realize the greatest likelihood of it being tried to a successful verdict.


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